Spanish Courses



YOUR ENGLISH TIME is a language school specialized in Spanish for Foreigners since 1991.We are based in Valencia city which is the east of Spain on the Mediterranean coast, about 350 km from Barcelona and other 350 km from Madrid.

On arriving at Your English Time you will be given a short test to determine your level of Spanish, which will enable us to place you in a suitable class.

Your programme of studies will keep you full occupied all morning. And on most evenings we organized a social and cultural activity for you either al school or in the city.

Your main course lessons are designed to develop your language ability in the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with the emphasis placed on building up your confidence and improving your confidence and improving your accuracy in Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary and as a whole your Fluency in communication which is our aim.

Listening Speaking Reading Writing
Dialogues Discussions & debates Literature Reports & forms
Stories Conversation practice Text study Letters & postcards
News Interviews Newspapers Note-taking & essays


There is a good opportunity of combination, studying English with a native English teacher and studying Spanish with a native Spanish teacher.

All our teachers at Your English Time are highly qualified.